Friends taking care of friends

Here at Dominion Animal Hospital we aspire to create an environment in our kennel that relates as closely to your pets home as possible. We provide daily care of feeding, medicating and fresh bedding every day. Our kennel staff also walks every dog at least four times a day, sometimes more. We encourage our staff members to spend time with each dog and cat individually throughout the day, giving them attention and affection just as they would at home. We aim to form a special bond with each patient during their stay so they feel welcomed, safe and loved. If at any time your pet would need medical attention, our staff is trained to alert a doctor immediately so they can treat the pet and provide medical treatment if needed. We also offer special treatments to enhance their stay with us, called A La Carte. In this, there are many options to boost your pets stay, such as play times, treat breaks, a spa day or even receive text or email pictures of your pet during their stay with us.