Boarding A La Carte Packages

If you purchase any of our A-La-Carte packages, we also send home a seasonal photo of your pet – free of charge!

We change the scene for every holiday. Additionally, you can also choose to get a report card of your pet’s behavior during his/her stay.

Pick Your Package

  • Text/Email Updates – Keep your beloved pet close with our photo or email updates. You can choose between either one and specify what time and how many per day you would like to receive. Just let us know when you drop off!
    • $2.40/text or email per day
  • Playtime and Snuggles – This is for the pet who loves to cuddle and get belly rubs or is an active pet who loves to play with all kinds of fun toys! We offer different amounts – 10, 20, or 30 minutes – of playtime/snuggles for your furry friend!
    • 10 minute session – $11.95
    • 20 minute session – $23.90
    • 30 minute session – $34.00
  • Active Dog Services – This will surely get the extra wiggles out. This package includes 2 extra walks in addition to their 4 walks per day; a 10-minute playtime; and a Kong filled with yummy treats.
    • $23.20/day
  • Extra 5-Minute Walk – This 5-minute walk will be given between our regular walks to ensure your pet gets the extra exercise and extra relief while they are here.
    • $5.97/additional walk
  • Treat Breaks – Did somebody say treats? Although you are more than welcome to bring your pet’s own treats, we offer additional yummy snacks, ranging from a Kong filled with special goodies to a frozen paw made by our kennel supervisor! And don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about our feline friends. For them, we have tasty tuna flakes!
    • Kong – $5.97
    • Cookie – $5.97
    • Frozen Yogurt Treat – $5.97
    • Cat Treats – $3.50
    • Senior Geriatric Services – As our pets grow older, we want to keep them happy and healthy. This package includes 2 extra walks in addition to their 4 walks per day; a photo update; and a mind-stimulating treat puzzle.
      • $17.40/day
    • Spa Day – This is a nice way for your pet to relax while you are away too! This package includes a relaxing bath with shampoo/conditioner; ear cleaning; thorough brushing; lavender spray; nail trim; and anal glands expression, if needed.
      • Pricing varies by weight, $95.99-119.50

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