Karellen’s Family

“Our dear kitty Karellen was found by our daughter under the porch of a friend in Savannah, GA, he was very tiny but she managed to hand feed him. Poor guy was born with 9 teeth missing but he managed to eat himself into a 12lb kitty and grow up happy and healthy, or so we thought. Karellen had terrible breath and never having ever had a cat we had no idea there might be a problem. We took him into Dominion for his yearly checkup and Dr. Wallace found he had a tooth that had to be removed. We took him to Dominion for his surgery and a few hours later they called to tell us he needed 9 teeth to come out. We were so worried and full of guilt that we didn’t know he had this issue. He went through the surgery and came out just fine. Dr. Wallace and the wonderful staff at Dominion took such wonderful care of him. The compassion and love they showed for our precious family member was second to none. We can never thank them enough for the continued care Karellen gets. Our neighbor recommended Dominion and we are so glad we have them as our vet. I constantly recommend Dominion and the excellent staff, I would not even consider taking our baby to anyone else.” 

– Karellen’s Family